Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm back!

Soooo, it's January. Yes, I've been away from my computer for a while. I am really enjoying having this blog, and I know I have a couple of readers, so here is an update: My youngest daughter, Mandy, has moved back here from Tenn. I found her rent house, but it was in bad shape. So, of course, mom offered to paint it. The whole week before she came, I was painting. My other daughter helped, though. Then, the day after she got here, with her baby, the baby ended up in the hopsital with pneumonia. Now he is doing well, and I've been there at the hospital with them when I'm not working. It seems strange that I am even able to type this tonight.

I was supposed to take my Maltese, Rosie, to obedience and beginning training this week, but that got cancelled. We will do that next month.

We did get a Great Pyrenese last week, but sadly he died the night my DH brought him home. I did not even get to see him because I stayed at my daughter's house that night painting. It was such a sad accident: he fell between the wall of the barn and a hay stack. He couldn't get out and died. My DH really took it hard. He was really cute. Our friend, Jimmy, got the sister to him and she is darling. I am thinking about getting a Komondore, though, instead of another Pyrenese. We know one day we will get one of them to guard our stock.

That's all for now. Happy January all!