Thursday, February 12, 2009

The days are warming up! It's been so nice. We had a new baby goat born last night. I was in West Monroe at the time. It was so aggravating to have to leave it all up to my DH to take care of the delivery. Our friend, Jimmy, came by to help, though. It was a boy. He is just beautiful! A black Nubian with two bright white triangles of white on each side! I can't believe he was the only one in her, because she was so big. Here is a pic:

I also had a new grandson born: Chandler Jase Bradshaw! Here he is:

Believe me when I tell you he is wonderful, beautiful, great, adorable, cute, ... did I say beautiful? Anyway, we all love him very much. And Jayce loves him, too. She knows her little brother and smiles and coos to him.