Saturday, June 19, 2010

All things Japanese

Some new things I've been experiencing and researching:

1) Pu'er tea - from Japanese and Chinese cultures, I saw this being featured on the Veria network. Then, I ordered it. I got this treasure yesterday. It is in the form of a "brick". You chip off some of it and brew it into tea. It is said to lower cholesterol, which will be a good benefit for me. But it does taste great.

2) Yubinuki Thimbles - The pictures speak for themselves. An ancient art of Japanese women who began this making thimbles to sew with.

3) Temari balls, also an ancient art of Japenese women, these balls have a bell in the middle. They are embellished with decorative stiching. So far, I've been researching for three days and this is so complicated -- but it has my attention. I want to make a Yubinuki first.

They are wonderful!