Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am REALLY enjoying my Melaleuca products. No pesticides for me, now. And very effective essential oil products. For my own "diary" of how this Florify is working, I am going to post daily on what it is doing. Two days ago I started taking it. (It's a "pro-biotic" pill for your digestive system. It's supposed to be adding good bacteria to your system, kind of like using yogurt.) The first day, I didn't notice anything. The second day I started taking it with food; and I noticed about 30 minutes after, feeling kind of "light-headed", or something. Then, all day long I noticed my digestive system was "working" better. (Don't mean to be graffic.) Today, I'll post later what it's doing today. I'm not taking my anti-acid pill now, as I have had to for a couple of months. So far, no acid reflux, which had gotten very, very painful. Hope this works.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I know my posts are getting fewer and fewer. But this is planting season! I've been tilling my garden. Now, I am trying to get the rows put in. (Such hard work!) Maybe I'll lose some of the winter weight! I hope so. I am currently trying to hatch a duck egg. None of my chicken eggs hatched, but I got close. We'll see in May. My Valentino is getting big. He is probably going to need to be separated soon from the other goats.

I joined the Melaleuca family of products again. I have really been missing those products, wanting to use less poisons on my animals and family. I going to use it to spray the goat pen for flies and pests, as well as use the products in my house. I can't wait for them to arrive!