Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I know my posts are getting fewer and fewer. But this is planting season! I've been tilling my garden. Now, I am trying to get the rows put in. (Such hard work!) Maybe I'll lose some of the winter weight! I hope so. I am currently trying to hatch a duck egg. None of my chicken eggs hatched, but I got close. We'll see in May. My Valentino is getting big. He is probably going to need to be separated soon from the other goats.

I joined the Melaleuca family of products again. I have really been missing those products, wanting to use less poisons on my animals and family. I going to use it to spray the goat pen for flies and pests, as well as use the products in my house. I can't wait for them to arrive!

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Jami said...

I am with you girl, planting, hoeing, shoveling, putting in flowerbeds and even washed and waxed my truck today! All in honor of spring and wanting to be out there in it! Happy trails.
Jami in WA