Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yards and Yards of Yard Sales

I finished the goats' corral. I just basically nailed up temporary walls on our unfinished "new" barn and closed in an area for them to graze. No mud -- lots of grass and grazing stuff! They have loved it. Next, I'll be enclosing an area behind the new barn for them to graze in, too.

We went to Eureka Springs, AR this past weekend, and wouldn't you know! It was their "Yards and Yards of Yard Sales"! Fun, fun, fun! I found a 1962 Barbie Dream House, the blue one, the first one ever out, and the one that we had as little girls! With ALL the cardboard furniture! Can you believe it? Pictures are to come!

We are going to Birmingham this weekend to see Gary's kids. Can't wait to see Sarah, as she is expecting next month.

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