Thursday, January 28, 2010

It has been so long!

Two months of flu, a couple of more months of keeping kids full time, Christmas, ... you know what I mean. But I'm back! I do enjoy posting to "all my fans". Actually it is more like a journal, but I enjoy reading about other friends' lives so much, so I thought this would be fun to have, too.

Our pond froze over and our ducks and goose learned to skate! That was wild! I'll have to post the video.

The muddy, cold winter goes on, and I try to comfort our goats as much as possible. We have had to reinforce the barns, put up warming lights, extra hay, and I even massage them down so they will get their blood moving since they haven't had much running around in the extreme cold days. On sunny days, it is so much better.

I'm so heartbroken for Haiti! As I know everyone is. Keep our prayers going to them.

Happy Birthday to my grandson, Chandler -- THE BIG ONE YEAR OLD!! Exciting! He's so cute!

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