Thursday, July 16, 2009

Husband's Recovery

My husband had to have gall bladder surgery last week, and he is doing well now. We believe this is what has been causing him a terrible stomach ache at different times for the past four years. He is going to feel so much better now. We are so grateful for the knowledge of the doctors that they can do this now.

The heat goes on for the farm. I can hardly stand to do any chores out there for very long at a time. This morning I did some repairs on our goat pen, fixed a latch on the billy's pen, fixed a latch on the new place for the feed (it's closer now), and then got inside as soon as possible. I bought some new alfalfa hay for them because their milk is not right right now. It could possibly be because I have been bringing them cuttings to eat and I may have given them something to make their milk off. I'll wait a few days giving them the alfalfa hay with their regular feed and see if that helps. The little ones will get some extra milk. Gary thinks it could be the heat, but I don't know.

Have a good evening, all.


Jennifer said...

Hope your husband has a quick recovery. I had to have that surgery so I can sure sympathize with the pain a gall bladder attack can cause.

Jami said...

Hope he feels better soon. My mom just had her gallbladder out too about 4 weeks ago. Take care and have fun building fence. Bet those achy muscles are worth it. Jami