Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainnnnnnn! Yeahhhhhhh!

It is so nice to see the rain! Now my garden may do some good. I picked about 10 big tomatoes this afternoon, and a bucket of purple hull peas.

Before the rain started, my husband and I started on our "small, temporary" deck. This is what he is calling it. It is about 12' by 8', and we had to have it because of the pool out the back. We do have "plans" for the future years for an indoor/inground pool and a larger deck, but this is good for now. I am very happy to be getting it. My grandkids and I will really enjoy not having to go down a ladder to get to the pool.

I love to cut down trees and brush for my goats, since we don't have them in a large grazing field yet. (That will come with the new barn.) And I can't let them out too much, or I would have no rose bushes. So, I'm left with cutting trees and bushes and wheelbarrow-ing them over to the pen. Several times I've gotten poison oak or ivy on me and am trying to get through another round of it now. The itching is so bad.

My goats look so healthy and strong. I know I should be worming them, but they really do not look like they need it. I'll test them and see what is going on, I ordered a microscope last year and learned how to see if they had worms.

We had three grandkids Friday night and part of Saturday. Took them back Sat. Did not have company on the 4th, so we just rested.

We are going to work on our deck in the morning again, if it doesnt rain us out, and I'll try to get some pictures up of it.

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Kevin said...

Hi Debbie. How are you? Your mom gave me your blog address. It's been a long time, hasn't it? I just created a face book account and now I am reconnecting with a lot of Rayville folks after so many years. I wish we could grow up again in Rayville. Those were the days!