Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fence Building!

I have been building a fence (ALL BY MYSELF!). I've been using my husband's table saw and his circular saw. (hammer, nails, screws, battery-powered screwdriver, sawhorses, etc ... get the picture?) I know, just take a picture. I will. I'm proud of my hard work, and my goaties are happier in their new pen (in the new barn).

In all this, I got a sticker in my finger! I know this sounds weak, but I actually had to go to the doctor (nurse prac) to get it out because it was too deep for me to get. Now, I'm tough, but I just couldn't get this one out. Anyway, I am giving the NP a lot of laughs and keeping her life interesting. My last visit to her was the attacking rooster leg wound.

But life isn't dull, is it? Yesterday my goaties almost saw their demise. I had to counsel all day, so I was gone all day. Hubby brought home a load of wood from the sawmill down the road (thanks Jimmy!), unloaded the wood, parked the trailer in the yard -- "all the way up there by the gas well" -- and noticed that the goats were out -- before rushing off to his next task, running to the store or something. You guessed it -- they just couldn't resist. The goats saw a new toy to jump on and off the trailer goes -- right into our house. Our garage to be more exact. Some damage/huge damage/I don't really know. Hubby thinks it's pretty bad, but can be fixed. Anyway, just Wednesday's excitement. Wonder what today will bring? :)

Be nice!

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