Saturday, October 17, 2009


Spent some time in the hospital, but now am home. This flu and bronchitis is rough! (Cough, cough) It's getting better, though. I am recuperating, and can not get outside. Hubby is doing the goat thing, and when it is muddy, he hates it. But when it is pretty, like today, it's not bad. I miss tending to them, but I can't right now. Hubby went to the saw mill today and sawed more lumber for our barn. I gave Rosie a much needed bath. I also got my plants in. That's about all we did today.

I'm so proud of my sister, she finished the 26 mile marathon in Clinton, MS. She'll sleep all day tomorrow and feel tired but proud. I'm proud of her. I am really wanting to get well so I can start back walking.

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