Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rooster Beware!

... or beware of Rooster. This morning when we were tending to the animals, I was attacked by one of my four roosters. Not fun. In fact, when he first attacked I was surprised. First, surprised because I usually have them running scared of me, not the other way around. Second, surprised by the intensity of the pain. He pecked me on my kneecap. The spur was on my leg. Both places broke the skin and drew blood. But the injury on my kneecap was hard and it hurt! It went to the bone. He only lasted another 5 minutes. (It had to be done.)

By 4:00 pm this afternoon, I couldn't walk. I went to the doctor. She gave me antibiotics and antibiotic cream, and told me to stay off it, take the antibiotics and come back Friday. She said we are having to watch for infection.

That was the first time they have had to treat a rooster attack! Well, it would be me!

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Spinner said...

That sounds terrible. I had one roo that I kept giving second chances, he broke the skin with his spurs but the worst part was the bruising. I've never had rooster wounds bad enough to require antibiotics though.