Monday, May 11, 2009

Whew! We have been battling mastitis in our doe, Lucille, a first freshener. She developed it when my knee was injured and my DH milked her for a while. She's doing good now. I am no longer blaming him, although he says he now knows the importance of massaging the udder. He didn't want to even milk before, but he is doing great now. Good thing, because today I blew my back out!

I was gathering sawdust for the pens, had such visions of a clean stall for my goats, and BAM! My lower back blew out. Ruptured. No doubt. This was far worse than any time before. I'm now in bed and have all the time to post on my blog...

I am really hating this, and don't know what to do. Guess I'll be going to the doctor in the morning.

I had such a good Mother's Day. Saw all three of my children and almost all of my grandchildren. Jayce stayed home with her sitter, but I'll see her soon, hopefully.

I have three duck eggs in the incubator and one is scheduled to hatch this week. I have been turning them regularly, and spraying them with water, so we will see. I need another female duck, because I only have one female and four males. And one goose.

We've had WAY TOO MUCH RAIN! We need some sun! The goat pen is a pond. I can't let them graze, because they'd go straight for my roses.

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