Saturday, June 6, 2009


Does it just go along with having a a farm? Or am I really a clutz? Anyway...for the latest injury: checking on Lizzie yesterday (she still hasn't given birth yet) I stepped on a nail and it went all the way through my foot. It was just as gory as it sounds. I didn't have to watch Emergency Room TV ... I was experiencing it. I couldn't get it out, so I called my friends to take me to the hospital as my DH wasn't home. He did meet us there, though.

We are usually very careful about not keeping boards with nails in it around. But Lizzie had just butted one of the closures off her door. So it was there for me.

Now, I'm stuck in bed once again for a while.

Lizzie is taking her time. Once a day she'll have contractions for a period of time, and then stops. They are very visible contractions. I guess she's been waiting for the full moon.

I am really glad now that I have my barn cam and it is set up right here at my bed. I am really enjoying being able to watch Lizzie from inside.

I am very thankful that the nail missed bone. I am very thankful for good friends. I am very thankful for antibiotics. I am very thankful for a doctor who was not afraid to jerk the nail and board out very fast. I am very thankful for my sweet husband who is waiting on me. I am very thankful for my barn cam! I still love the country life!

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Spinner said...

I have always feared this type of accident and have known people who have done the same thing but it hasn't happened to me yet. I hope and pray that it never does.

I don't think that any shoe would have held up to a nail but Crocs are the worst. I have run thorns through mine and into my foot. They are also not much protection when a heavy goat or horse steps on your foot but I still continue to wear them exclusively.

I hope that have a speedy recovery without any complications!