Monday, June 29, 2009


Today we attended one of our grandson's birthday party. He's 2 yrs old! And so sweet! As sweet as chocolate!

It is so hot here, we are all just melting it seems. My garden is turning to dust, despite my attempts to water it. But I do have a lot of tomatoes, peas and bell peppers.

I want to work in my garden and make it all look wonderful, but my body gets so tired. I do feel the ages at work. But I so wonder why everyone does not have goats. When I feel tired or low during the day, all it takes is a trip to the goat place and my spirits are so lifted! They are all so loving and sweet. They all run up to me and try to shower me with kisses. They are always so nice and sweet and they have such trusting eyes and hearts.

We put an above ground swimming pool up and hopefully that will serve to provide a good source of exercise and some place to cool down during these dog days of summer. Also my grandchildren will enjoy it. Then my DH and I are going to work on building a deck around it this week.

I put a small blow-up pool up this week for my younger grandchildren. The ducks thought it was so grand! They waddle over to it and jump in and seem enjoy it, even though the pond is just a few feet away. I wonder why they love it so?

My DH is having a test done in the morning to see if he has gall stones. That will be a relief to him if this is found to be the cause of his episodes of stomach pain. Also tomorrow is the day mother will see results of tests for things going on in her eyes, and my sister will have an MRA done for symptoms in her eyes. Thank you, Lord, for being there with us all and giving us all that you do!

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Lea said...

Beautiful new babies! I wish my old goat Lydia could still have babies. :( I'm thinkin hard about buyin a "friend" for her. She's thinks she's a human bein and her best friends are the Puddleducks. Wouldn't she be in her glory if another goat came to live at the potting shed?
I LOVE YOUR NAME LUCILLE... for your other goat. May think hard on that one if i get another!
Have a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful day!