Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Daughter, Amanda's family

Amanda (our Mandy) is a brilliant finance professional! She is also beautiful, as all my other family, and she is also very independent! (She reminds me of me, but don't tell her that.) She up and moved away from all of us, to better herself, and moved to Tennessee. It is in a beautiful place, although it is so far away. I hope she will move a little closer one day. I miss them terribly. She is so funny, too. When we visited her this summer, I really thought I saw a side of her I had not ever seen before. She and I were in shops in Gatlinberg, and when we came up on a bunch of hats with hair attached, she just grabbed one and said "take my picture, quick", put it on and posed. (Where did this side of her come from?) You know, she's always been a very smart, talented, and wonderful girl. But I had not been able to just relax and participate in her funny side very much! It was great!

Her son is Coley! Coley is a precious, cute, smart, adorable, loving, (did I say cute?) baby! He is growing up so fast. He loves his piano we got him for his birthday. Maybe he'll take after his papaw Gary and play the piano when he grows up? Coley is another one who can make you laugh and get everyone around tickled. I have a family of clowns, don't I? His hugs will make your day!

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