Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures of my Clan (of Animals)

Okay, so this is my grandson, not my "animal clan". Isn't this picture of him in his football uniform cute? This was his first game. He'll probably come to stay with "his DeeDee" this weekend. I think we will go to the State Fair and watch the poultry show.

Speaking of poultry: here is Sassy (I think she is a Polish pullet), Lacey (she is a Silkie -- very fluffy), and my goose.

Butterfly on zinnia ---

Duck ...

Lucy (the one that was hurt earlier). As you can see, she is now enjoying my roses again. See how pretty my rosebush was?

This is Jasmine. She is the oldest critter on the farm (not counting the human ones, of course). She is about 7 years old, I think. The roosters have the upper hand on her, but everyone else knows she is really the boss.

This is Maylee, and she is a great mouser! She has captured two so far. We got her in June.

I agree with Spinner, yes, the goats will eat all your flowers, bushes, roses, plants, trees, weeds, dead grass, live grass, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers (yuck! -- That tastes bad in goat milk), my one little bleeding heart plant, zinnias, calla lillies (which surprised me), lantanas, ...
but, hey, if they will just gain some weight and be healthy ...
I have them in a pen. But there is no vegetation in the pen. My husband and I plan on fencing in a large area full of brush for them in the future. For now, I just have to let them out and forage.
My new chickens are doing great. I have not let the roosters in with them yet. They crow constantly!

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