Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Son's Family

See! I told you they were great! I really am so proud of all my children and grandchildren! Bet you wish you were me! My son, Eric, is a bricklayer! Very talented. He really knows what he is doing and all his houses look beautiful! He comes from a line of bricklayers in my family, but he actually did not even know this until long after he had learned his trade. He's got it in his blood.

Melissa is his very beautiful wife. She is also a fantastic mother! She is so wonderful to all of them, my son, and their two children, (well, two and a half -- one is on the way)! Melissa and Eric have had to draw on their very deep inner strengths to brace themselves when their angel Jayce was born. She has toxoplasmosis, and has had to show us the way in her world. She has blessed us so much with her presence, and she is so beautiful. Her pictures do not do her justice -- she is so pretty.

This brings us to Carter ("Carter-ino" as we call him in our special song). Just ask him and he will roll his eyes, but then absolutely expect us to sing it! Carter loves everyone and every thing, and is wonderful!! He plays football, he loves his sister and his mother and dad. He really loves his DeeDee (that's me!) and papaw Gary, and his other family members! He is very special!

I guess you can tell I love them all a lot. We can't wait to meet our newest member, the new baby boy, due in February. We are all trying to come up with names. Any suggestions?

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