Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Daughter, Kristi's, Family

My daughter, Kristi, is a professional photographer! She is very good at her profession! She loves taking pictures of special occasions, and makes everyone look good. You should see what she did for me and Gary. Kristi has a wonderful sense of humor! Her laugh is completely contagious! She has a lot of energy (although with two children, she sometimes thinks she doesn't). She is a great mommie and her children love her, you can see it when they look into her eyes!

Kristi married Andrew -- he is a professional chef! We are very proud of him -- he is representing Louisiana in Walt Disney World! He will be very famous very soon. And his food is scrumptious! He really knows his stuff!

Makayla is the very definition of beauty! Her eyes will blow you away! She is so fun and loving -- when she sees her DeeDee she runs as fast as she can into my arms! Oh, how fun!

Carson is -- well, you can't really describe him. He is so full of energy and fun. He cracks us up. The other night at a restaurant, he had a bowl of jello. He would plop it in his mouth, and then with a noise you can only imagine, he plopped it out! Well, Kristi and then I tried to correct him --- but when he looked at you with that twinkle in his eyes and plopped the jello right out -- I'm sorry -- but I busted out laughing. Okay, that just set things in motion. He laughed out loud, Makayla laughed out loud, and Kristi could not help herself, either. We all knew it was bad, but it was SO FUNNY! (Sorry other restaurant customers!)

Aren't they great?

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